Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard Replacement For MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac & Mac Mini In Indore

You have hit A and G out, or it may not be registered when you press a key. Perhaps your power button does not work, which is a part of the keyboard.


This is a common problem because the keyboard is the first part of a laptop to suffer liquid damage during a spill, and is one of the most commonly used parts of the machine. Most keyboard issues are caused by high humidity or liquid damage, and we can fix them all.

We can fix the problem of changing your keyboard

We share most keyboards and can often replace them with a single day of service, without a parts order. We also do Retina MacBook Pro keyboard replacements; Many repair shops do not offer this repair without replacing the entire top case.


Apple has designed some of its laptops in such a way that the keyboard is not replaced, and replacing the top case is very expensive. We can replace the keyboard without having to replace the entire top case, and save you a lot of money.


Apple uses different keyboards for different years of the same model machine, causing unnecessary delays and confusion to untrained technicians. We stock all keyboards of machines from 2008 to the present day to prevent this.


See below pricing for common MacBook keyboard replacements. If your model is not listed, it may be an older model. We can still repair your MacBook, but prices vary depending on availability.

Top reasons we have you repaired

  • We stock our portions, so that means you save time.
  • Our price is reasonable.
  • We use grade A + parts.
  • We can repair motherboard component level issues.

Global Computer Service is an established Apple Mac service center in Indore, providing repair services for all Apple products: iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.


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