Motherboard Repair & Replacement

Motherboard Repair Expert For MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac & Mac Mini In Indore

Logic Board Repair & Replacement Services of Apple Mac Laptop & Desktop Computers

Your logic board / motherboard problem can cause a dead state in your Apple Mac desktop / laptop that will hold your work until you fix it or whatever needs to be fixed. This is where we are served with our highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians who are experts enough to track faulty or dead motherboard issues and end it to get their damaged motherboard back to work. 


We specialize in Apple MacBook Motherboard Repair, MacBook Air Motherboard Repair, MacBook Pro Motherboard Repair, MacBook Pro Retina Motherboard Repair, iMac Motherboard Repair. 


We repair chip level or component level motherboards and can fix our MacBook motherboard instead of just components. We provide our MacBook Motherboard Repair and Replacement Services in Indore.

It is also our specialty that we take minimum time to fix the problem and charge you appropriately for our quality services so that you can return to us every time without worrying of overcharging. So the next time you need Apple Mac motherboard repair, MacBook Pro motherboard repair, MacBook Air mother repair, you better take care of us. We repair and replace all MacBook Pro / MacBook Air logic boards / motherboard issues.

We can fix your MacBook logic board by replacing damaged components of any Mac computer.

MacBook Pro 17A Models A1151, A1212, A1229, A1261, A1297 (Unibody) and A1297 Logic Board Repair / Replacement

MacBook Pro 15A Models A1150, A1211, A1226, A1260, A1286 (Unibody), A1286, Retina A1398 and A1398 Logic Board Repair / Replacement

MacBook Pro 13A Model A1278, Retina A1425, A1425 and A1502 Logic Board Repair / Replacement

Macbook Air 13A Model A1237 A1304 A1369 A1466 Logic Board Repair / Replacement

Macbook Air 11 A Model A1370 A1465 Logic Board Repair / Replacement

Macbook 13 Book Model A1181 A1342 A1278 Logic Board Repair / Replacement

Macbook 12 Book Model A1534 Logic Board Repair / Replacement

Global Computer Service is an established Apple Mac service center in Indore, providing repair services for all Apple products: iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.


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